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How To Get Reward?

The main reward for submitting review is $STAR token, which is tradeable on different DEXs. Every time you submit a review, a popup will appear with 03 mystery boxes contain different amounts of $STAR token.

The drop rate of mystery boxes will be varied, there is a slight chance you may win nothing, or 100 $STAR at once. The first review of every store will win great prizes for most of the time.

To exchange on DEXs, you need to claim $STAR token that may cost a small amount of gas fee.


Get Reward Instantly

  1. Go to EatnSmile Web3 App
  2. Search for a store
  3. Tap on the ‘Like’ icon on the lower right corner
  4. Insert your review, includes text and images
  5. Tap ‘Submit’
  6. Slide to complete the Capcha
  7. A popup will appear with 03 mystery boxes, choose one