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ADA NFT drops: CardanoLands- the next big upcoming NFT project.

Cardano stands as a blockchain platform with a core mission of fostering sustainability, security, and inclusivity for innovative endeavors. It has gained recognition for its ADA NFT Drops, a term used by its users to describe the numerous NFT project collections frequently launched on the platform.

Among these projects, Cardano Lands emerges as a promising contender, poised to potentially become a major player in the world of NFTs.

What is Cardano Blockchain

Cardano is a third generation blockchain platform that was launched in 2017 by a team of engineers, researchers, and visionaries led by Charles Hoskinson, one of the co-founders of Ethereum. Cardano stands out in several keyways:

  • Research-Backed: Unlike trial-and-error approaches, Cardano’s development is grounded in rigorous scientific research, ensuring robustness in security, scalability, and interoperability.
  • Sustainability: Addressing blockchain’s environmental concerns, Cardano employs the energy-efficient Ouroboros proof-of-stake consensus, reducing energy consumption and offering low fees for mass adoption.
  • Inclusivity: Cardano’s vision is global empowerment. It supports various programming languages for developers of diverse backgrounds, with a goal of enabling access to essential services for underserved populations worldwide.

Cardano Lands- the next ADA NFT drops!

What is “Cardano Lands”?

Cardano Lands, a Cardano blockchain-based game, goes beyond gaming. It’s a platform where users stake NFTs from approved collections for daily rewards. NFTs are unique digital assets verified on the blockchain, and staking involves locking tokens to earn.

Cardano Lands leverages Cardano’s benefits like low fees and fast transactions for an engaging NFT experience. Users explore by staking NFTs to earn Hexonium tokens, which can be used to unlock resources in the Metalab. They can also trade NFTs and elements on the marketplace and engage in community-driven decisions and content creation for rewards.

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How would you profit from it?

Cardano Lands is a platform where you can stake your NFTs from qualified collections to earn daily rewards. The rewards come in the form of Hexonium, the platform’s in-game token. You can use Hexonium in the Metalab to acquire four basic elements: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. These elements can then be used to unlock new resources and get inventor rewards!

But how can you make the most out of Cardano Lands? How can you maximize your profits and enjoy the game? Here are some tips and strategies that might help you:

NFT Staking

Choose your NFTs wisely. Not all NFTs are equal in Cardano Lands. Some NFTs have higher staking power than others, which means they generate more Hexonium per day. You can check the staking power of each NFT on the Cardano Lands website or on the Cardano Cube website.

You can also see the staking power of each collection on the Staking Hub. The higher the staking power, the more rewards you get.

Stake as many NFTs as you can. The more NFTs you stake, the more Hexonium you earn. You can stake up to 100 NFTs per wallet, and you can use multiple wallets to stake more.

You can also buy or trade NFTs from other users on the secondary market, such as or However, be careful not to overpay for NFTs that have low staking power or are not eligible for staking.

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Invent new elements and resources. Once you have enough Hexonium, you can use it in the Metalab to invent new elements and resources. Each invention requires a certain amount of Hexonium and a certain combination of basic elements.

You can find the recipes for each invention on the Metalab page. Some inventions are more valuable than others, and some are rarer than others. The more valuable and rarer your inventions are, the more inventor rewards you get.

Sell or trade your inventions. If you want to cash out your profits, you can sell or trade your inventions on the secondary market. Each invention is an NFT that has its own metadata and artwork.

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Explore the lands. Cardano Lands is not just a platform for staking and inventing. It is also a game where you can explore the lands and discover their secrets. Each land is an NFT that has its own story and features.

You can buy lands from the Cardano Lands website or from other users on the secondary market. You can also earn lands by completing quests and challenges in the game. By exploring the lands, you can unlock new opportunities and rewards.

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You can own lands in Cardano Lands.


Cardano lands is a project that aims to create a virtual world on the Cardano blockchain, where users can stake their unused NFTs from other collections and explore the mysteries of Cardano lands. Users can also earn passive income, build in-game assets, and trade with other players.

Cardano lands has two native tokens: Hexonium (HEXO) and Exonium (EXO). Hexonium is the utility token that is used for staking, governance, and in-game transactions. Exonium is the reward token that is earned by staking NFTs and participating in the game.

Cardano lands has a fixed supply of 100 million HEXO and 1 billion EXO. The token distribution of HEXO is as follows:

  • 20% for the team and advisors
  • 20% for the treasury
  • 15% for the public sale
  • 15% for the private sale
  • 10% for the liquidity pool
  • 10% for the marketing and partnerships
  • 5% for the airdrops and bounties
  • 5% for the reserve

The token distribution of EXO is as follows:

  • 50% for the staking rewards
  • 20% for the treasury
  • 10% for the team and advisors
  • 10% for the liquidity pool
  • 5% for the marketing and partnerships
  • 5% for the reserve

Cardano lands also has a treasury system that collects fees from staking, trading, and in-game activities. The treasury funds are used to support the development, maintenance, and expansion of the project. The treasury is governed by a DAO, where HEXO holders can vote on proposals and decide how to allocate the funds.


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How to mint gas-free NFTs on EatnSmile?

EatnSmile stands as the pioneering web3 review platform, providing users with the opportunity to earn tokens in return for their valuable contributions. These tokens can either be the STAR Token, which is the native currency of EatnSmile, or tokens from our esteemed partners.

With the STAR Tokens you accumulate through your reviews, you can effortlessly mint NFTs without incurring any gas fees. This unique feature not only helps users save on minting expenses but also simplifies newcomers’ access to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to minting your gas-free NFTs on EatnSmile:

  1. Visit the EatnSmile website.
  2. Begin writing reviews to accumulate STAR Tokens.
  3. Once you’ve collected a minimum of 100 STAR Tokens, you’re ready to start minting.
  4. Click on the NFT icon.
  5. Select the “Mint NFT” option.
  6. Opt for the “pay 100 STAR” choice (or use a mint code if you have one).
  7. Complete the necessary information.
  8. Mint your NFT without any additional fees.

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