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How to write a remarkable food review

Food review is a common method to express your thoughts and feelings about various cuisines, places, and foods. Whether you’re writing for a blog, a magazine, or a social media platform, you want your food review to be informative, interesting, and honest, and to stand out amid hundreds of other food review entries.

Here are some pointers from EatnSmile on how to write a remarkable food review. 


What makes your food review captivating?

Give contexts!

While the food review is the most significant portion of the post, don’t jump right in. Bring your audience into your tale in the most natural way possible. Tell the readers a few sentences about why you decided to go to that restaurant and give them some information about the place, such as its name and the major dishes.


It was a hectic Friday night, and my friends and I decided to go to our favorite restaurant, but for some reason, they closed early, and that’s how we accidentally discovered this hidden treasure named “Mom’s Ramen.”

Don’t be fooled by the restaurant’s exterior; although it isn’t as vast and elegant as the major restaurants, believe me when I say you will appreciate every moment here.

Give your honest and detailed descriptions

This is the most important factor, therefore be as detailed as possible since the difference between a decent food review and a wonderful food review is in the details. Begin with your initial impressions of the restaurant, such as its layout, ambiance, and service attitude. Then, talk about what you ordered and, if possible, how long you had to wait.

After dinner is served, it’s time to shine. Describe the appearance of the food as accurately and symbolically as possible, including color and ornamentation. Then, beginning with the main component, work your way down to the toppings and sauce.

It’s also a big plus if you can include your culinary skills in the assessment.

A good food review can make some impact on customers' decisions.
A good food review can make some impact on customers’ decisions.


There was a little line, and after a brief wait, we got a table. Because this was my first visit, I asked the server for a recommendation, and he was very kind to give me his favorite dish here: the char siu and egg topping with a seafood-based broth ramen.

I had an opportunity to look around as I waited for my dinner. The atmosphere was modest and pleasant, reminiscent of a family-owned restaurant.

My ramen arrives in 10 minutes. As soon as the waiter placed the bowl in front of me, the rich seafood scent emanating from the thick and creamy broth awoke my taste buds. A delicious slice of char siu and two pieces of a runny yolk egg on top instantly made my mouth wet.

The first slurp of the broth was fantastic; the seafood flavor popped into my mouth as if I was swimming in the sea. The richness of the soup lingered on the tip of my tongue, and the creamy texture caressed me.

It took me a while to return to Earth. Following that came the noodle, which had just the proper amount of chewiness to go with the rich and creamy soup. Coming in here, I knew I was making a wise decision.

Char siu has a delicate and juicy texture with a faint crispiness on the edges. The scent of char siu is seductive and delectable, making it difficult to resist.

Lastly, I went for the egg. The rich and buttery flavor of the yolk complements the savory taste of the broth. The warm and gooey sensation of the yolk bursting in my mouth is a delight for my senses.

A bowl of ramen for the food review

The more details you have, the better your food review is.

Give your recommendation!

After you conclude your assessment of the food, don’t stop there; now is the perfect time to make your recommendation: Should people go to this restaurant?

Try to offer a brief comment about what you enjoy about the location.


After our amazing meals, we headed back home, but the wonderful taste of that bowl of ramen, the friendliness of the owner, and the cozy feeling of the store still lingered in our minds.

I hope this little food review of mine is enough to persuade you to try out this hidden gem. And maybe, you could even find me there – enjoying another flavorful bowl of ramen.

Tips to improve your food review.

Take notes and photos.

Take notes on your impressions, observations, and feelings while you eat. You can use a phone or a voice recorder. Try to catch the intricacies of the sight, scent, texture, flavor, and presentation. You should also snap photographs of the meal and the establishment to accompany your review.

Taking food picture for the food review
Taking pictures for the food review is always a huge plus.

Be Specific

Use precise and explicit wording to explain your experience while writing your review. Avoid using terms like “good,” “bad,” “delicious,” or “disgusting.”

Instead of stating, “The ramen was good,” you can go with “The ramen has a rich and creamy broth that coached over every chewy noodle, topped with a juicy piece of Char siu and a soft-boiled egg.”

Use words to explain how the food made you feel, what it reminded you of, or how it compared to other comparable dishes instead.

Be balanced and fair.

A good food review does not just praise or criticize the dish. It is also about providing constructive comments and improvement ideas. You should be aware of the food as well as the restaurant’s strengths and flaws.

You should also consider the price, service, and atmosphere of the place. You can also mention if the food met your expectations or surprised you in any way.

Be honest and respectful.

A good food review is based on your personal opinion and experience. You should not lie or exaggerate about the food or the restaurant. You should also not be rude or offensive to the chef, the staff, or the other customers.

You should respect the culture and traditions of the cuisine you are reviewing. You should also acknowledge that different people may have different tastes and preferences.

Proofread and edit your review.

Before you publish or share your review, make sure to proofread and edit it for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and clarity. You can also ask someone else to read your review and give you feedback. You should also check if your review follows the guidelines and standards of the platform you are writing for.

Ending words

Restaurant review on EatnSmile
Writing an excellent restaurant review requires a significant commitment.

Writing a good food review entails not just describing the flavor, texture, and perfume of the dishes, but also conveying the restaurant’s environment, service, and value. A good food review should be informative, entertaining, and truthful. It should also include some personal tales or thoughts that distinguish it and make it personable.

We explored several ideas and strategies for writing a remarkable food review in this blog article. We hope you found this blog article to be informative and inspirational. Thank you for taking the time to read this and happy reviewing!

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